About Me

I am an award winning photographer living in Garland, Texas. In 2001 I started selling my photography at Art Festivals around the United States and thousands of art lovers have now become collectors of my work. My images have also been used on magazine and book covers, calendars, tv commercials, cards, and have been licensed for a variety of other uses.
 Before starting to sell my work professionally, I had already been shooting film for many years and was experienced in color and black and white dark rooms. At the time, anything submitted for publication was required to be shot on slide film so I began shooting all my work on Fuji Velvia. I believe this was very important to my development as a photographer since slide film was very unforgiving. You had to be spot on with the exposure, lighting, and composition. There was no fixing it with Photoshop. I believe this trained me very well to get it right in the camera, a discipline that a lot of today's digital photographers have never had.
 In 2005 I saw the writing on the wall and bought my first digital camera. The photography world was going digital and I did not want to fall behind in the new technology. Today, I am very proficient with Photoshop and several other software programs used to process my images. Digital has created a lot of new ways to approach my photography. There are many new techniques and cameras that are capable of creating images that were not even possible just a few short years ago. On a regular basis I blend exposures together to either increase the resolution or dynamic range of the final image. If you had told me 20 years ago that I would be shooting starry night images using ISO 3200, I would have said "no way"! Through all these changes, most of my work has been processed in order to be a fairly accurate rendition of the moment in time that was captured with my camera, despite the fact that film nor digital have ever been able to be an exact replication of what we see with our eyes.
 Many photographers specialize in only one type of photography by calling themselves a landscape photographer, travel photographer, or whatever. For myself it is probably easier to proclaim what I am not. I am not a portrait or wedding photographer but just about anything else is fair game. I see no reason to limit my subject matter as long as I understand light, composition, and any processing techniques needed in order to create the images that I visualize. Photography has always satisfied the artist and the explorer in me. I enjoy the pursuit of my next creation whether I am hiking in a National Park, exploring the architecture of a modern city, or staring at the Milky Way out in the middle of nowhere.

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